Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association

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The October Meeting will be our fall picnic meeting at the Bare Cove Fire Museum. 

10/13/2019 1:00 PM 

45 Bare Cove Park Dr, Hingham, MA 02043

There will be a meeting, and a cookout for members (Members of BCFM or any local chapter of SPAAMFAA) and their family's. 

This has become an annual even. If you've missed the past 2, be sure to plan to attend this year. 

Hope to see you there. 

MAFAA National Update 

January 8, 2019

To whom it may concern,

The Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association was both proud and honored to be provided the opportunity to host a National SPAAMFAA show in 2020. It has been some time since we were able to host a National show. The last two Nationals held in Massachusetts were in 2000 and 1990 – 20 and 30 years ago! We were excited and motivated that our chapter was finally able to provide the opportunity for a fun and exciting show for the members across the nation to gather together in the northeast again. 

Our chapter has overcome many obstacles ourselves over the last decade. Our chapter faced the same dilemma that many others did and still do – lack of members. Many of our “old guard” have passed away or moved on leaving a younger generation ready to take over the reins. This change was rather abrupt leaving many of us to figure out the direction of our chapter as we went carried forward with little guidance.

President Brian Anderson has provided a fun, interesting atmosphere and reinvigorated the club with an influx of new members. He also created or renewed many genuine partnerships with the other New England Chapters that was absent. These partnerships with other local chapters were the basis of providing the volunteers and effort required to pull off a successful National show. We felt this WAS finally our time to put on one heck of a show!

However, it has come to light recently that there is a power struggle at the very top of the National Board between the President and a core of loyal followers and another group of senior members that also serve in various capacities. It is blatantly obvious and unfortunate that there are “sides” to be taken. It seems as though this discord has been present for the last few years.

Both sides have voiced the very real potential of a gloomy future and question the future of the National organization altogether if “the other side” prevails.

Based on the financial obligation we would face to host a National show, as with the time, effort and dedication required, we felt it necessary to share this information with our membership at our January 2019 meeting today.  We were to start the actual planning of the event and required to put down hotel and other deposits in February 2019.

It is no secret there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future of the National organization and our board felt it unfair to continue planning for the National show without sharing our knowledge and gathering the thoughts and opinions of our members – something it seems SPAAMFAA has forgotten as of late – its members. The information was presented to our members and the consensus was that there was enough turmoil and discord at the top and enough uncertainty regarding the future of SPAAMFAA that we could risk losing a great deal if we continued to host the National in 2020. Our chapter has worked very hard over the last decade to get where we are right now.

There was much debate and conversation. However, our membership voted and we respect that vote. Therefore, it is with great sadness and disappointment that we respectfully rescind our bid for a National show in 2020. We hope you can all understand that your actions and words have consequences and that there is no blame to be had towards a chapter at risk of great loss and uncertainty given the circumstances. We hope you all understand and respect the views of our membership.

If at a time in the near future, this organization gets back to its mission of motorized antique fire apparatus and less internal strife within the current administration, we will gladly revisit this topic and hope to have the opportunity to host a National show again.


Brian Anderson Jr, President

Doug Boudrow, Vice President

Howard Smith, Board of Directors

Walter Curran, Board of Directors

James McGonagle, Board of Directors

Chris Kelley, Treasurer

Paul Turgeon, Secretary   

Ron Driscoll, SPAAMFAA District 1 Trustee

Rich Quetta, RI President

Paul Sanborn, NH President

Mike Nugai, Western MA President

Rich Krusewski, CT President

Mike Tremblay, ME President

The Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association Inc. was founded as a local group in early 1977, a local chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motorized Fire Apparatus in America (SPAAMFAA) located in Syracuse, New York.

The purpose of this the organization is to promote and preserve antique motorized fire apparatus. HOWEVER, YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN APPARATUS TO BELONG!  We welcome anyone with an interest in the history of the fire service! Currently, we have approximately 150 members. It is open to all upon application to the Board of Directors. Annual Dues are $20 for an active member, family memberships ($20 for the first member and $5 for each additional member), $50 for an Affiliate (fire department, museum or groups) and $300 for life membership.

A general monthly meeting is held the first Sunday of every month (excluding summer months) at a different location throughout the eastern part of the state.

An Annual Fire Apparatus Parade, show and flea market is held the second Saturday in June. We publish a bi-monthly newsletter (The Box Alarm) with a calender of events, for sale section, wanted page plus articles & photos relating to antique fire apparatus (parts of this description reprinted from the original MAFAA website, courtesy of Ray Pitts)
Below please find a list of the New England chapters of SPAAMFAA.

Along with our organization growing.  MAFAA will be looking to strengthen our inter-chapter relationships, and provide any help, or resources necessary to build on the goals of SPAAMFAA 

The Rhode Island Antique Fire Apparatus Society (RIAFAS) is dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and promotion of antique fire fighting equipment, as well as all things having to do with the history of fires, fire fighting, and fire safety.

Berkshire SPAAMFAA is a club of like minded men and women who appreciate the history of the fire fighting service. In particular the machines of yesterday that helped the bravest of the brave respond to life threats for decades at a time.

The Amoskeag Reserve Engine Company - a club dedicated to the preservation of firefighting history.

The main purpose of  SCAFAC is to promote and preserve antique motorized fire apparatus.

The Pine Tree is Maine's chapter of SPAAMFAA, organized to appreciate the history and preservation of the fire service.