Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association

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Rolling Rally planned in place of traditional muster and flea market 


It is with regret that I inform you that the muster and flea market scheduled for September 12th is canceled. Due to restrictions on gatherings, there is no way that we can safely hold the event. Instead, the executive board has  decided to have a "rolling rally."There will be no formal gathering at the end and there will be no flea market but there is still a way to show off the trucks and get them out of storage. Line up for the rally will begin at 9 am at the Restuccia Memorial  Arena at 190 Main Street in Wilmington. The rally will proceed down Main Street to Route 62, then to Concord Street to the arena. There will be a small number of trophies given for a limited number of categories. This plan is tentative as guidelines are constantly changing, but the club does not want to break a tradition that is about to be 43 years old. Please contact me with any questions.

Doug Boudrow
President, MAFAA

Message from Brian Anderson SPAAMFAA District 1 Trustee

I attended the SPAAMFAA National meeting in Charleston South Carolina, where it was announced that I will be the District 1 (Northeast) trustee. I will be trying to fill the shoes of our former trustee Ron Driscoll. I look forward to working with the board, members, and local chapters to progress the values of the society.

The organization has moved on from the past couple years of uncertainty. The atmosphere around the meetings, and seminars was a positive one. There will still be some hurdles, but the leadership I witnessed in Charleston has a promising outlook.

My goals for the upcoming muster season are to interact with current, and past members. I want to illustrate the changes, and reassure more changes are coming, and the club is moving in a positive direction. I would like for each current member to be an ambassador for the National, and correct any negative ideas that may have been carried over from the past leadership.

Hope to see you at a muster,

Brian Anderson Jr.

The Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association Inc. was founded as a local group in early 1977, a local chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motorized Fire Apparatus in America (SPAAMFAA) located in Syracuse, New York.

The purpose of this the organization is to promote and preserve antique motorized fire apparatus. HOWEVER, YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN APPARATUS TO BELONG!  We welcome anyone with an interest in the history of the fire service! Currently, we have approximately 150 members. It is open to all upon application to the Board of Directors. Annual Dues are $20 for an active member, family memberships ($20 for the first member and $5 for each additional member), $50 for an Affiliate (fire department, museum or groups) and $300 for life membership.

A general monthly meeting is held the first Sunday of every month (excluding summer months) at a different location throughout the eastern part of the state.

An Annual Fire Apparatus Parade, show and flea market is held the second Saturday in June. We publish a bi-monthly newsletter (The Box Alarm) with a calender of events, for sale section, wanted page plus articles & photos relating to antique fire apparatus (parts of this description reprinted from the original MAFAA website, courtesy of Ray Pitts)
Below please find a list of the New England chapters of SPAAMFAA.

Along with our organization growing.  MAFAA will be looking to strengthen our inter-chapter relationships, and provide any help, or resources necessary to build on the goals of SPAAMFAA 

The Rhode Island Antique Fire Apparatus Society (RIAFAS) is dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and promotion of antique fire fighting equipment, as well as all things having to do with the history of fires, fire fighting, and fire safety.

Berkshire SPAAMFAA is a club of like minded men and women who appreciate the history of the fire fighting service. In particular the machines of yesterday that helped the bravest of the brave respond to life threats for decades at a time.

The Amoskeag Reserve Engine Company - a club dedicated to the preservation of firefighting history.

The main purpose of  SCAFAC is to promote and preserve antique motorized fire apparatus.

The Pine Tree is Maine's chapter of SPAAMFAA, organized to appreciate the history and preservation of the fire service.